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The Daley Ten

This year I have been involved in many events, conferences, courses and teams all surrounding employee engagement, leadership, accountability and organizational success.  I have done Oz Principle Accountability Training, participated in my companies Employee Engagement team and Leadership Pathways program and Read several books about career management such as “What got you here Won’t get you there”  by Marshall Goldsmith, “Engaging the Hearts and Minds of your Employees” by Lee Colan and “True North” by Bill George.  Out of all that I have done this year in order to ensure that I apply what I have learned to my every day work I have developed a set of Principles that I use in my day to day activities.  These principles are as follows:

The Daley 10
10 Principles to live by in order to achieve organizational success

1. Come every day expecting to do something great.
2. Expect Challenges and prepare for them.
3. Think beyond your job or task and do what is right for the organization.
4. Being busy does not mean you are productive.
5. Accountability is owned by everyone not just one person.
6. Processes cannot fix the People but People can fix the Processes.  Invest in the People and the Processes will improve.
7. Never complain about a problem without proposing a solution.
8. Be quick to Listen, slow to Speak and Seek Understanding.
9. Anything done out of Anger risks complications.
10. Know your Purpose.